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Bruce Schuter | Creator of the Mental Health Warrior Challenge Coin

Bruce Schutter

After struggling with Bipolar, Alcoholism and Anxiety Disorder for over 20+ years, I reached a breaking point where I no longer wanted to be part of this world. But with a second chance at life, I set out to find an answer to my life’s challenges. I discovered that Mental Health is the key to triumphing over any challenge in life!


Armed with this knowledge, I created the Mental Health Warrior Program. A new Self-Help approach to Mental health that teaches you emotional awareness, self-empowerment and supports personal growth.


Rooted in my experiences, each book in the program offers a unique solution, anchored in everyday life activities, for building strong Mental Health. As the Mental Health Warrior approach is not about finding a quick fix, but is meant to be a daily companion, empowering you to pursue what you value in life, triumph over any challenge, and find greater happiness in each day.


For you are a Mental Health Warrior!


Bruce Schutter

(Author, Motivational Speaker, and Creator of the Mental Health Warrior Program, Challenge Coin and Designs on clothing and accessories to kickstart the conversation on mental health)

Mental Health Warrior Books

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